18th January 2009  

The Sport language community

Did you know that the “sport” word is used by a very large community and in many languages. It finds its origin in the ancient French word “desporter”. It became immensely successful over centuries. To the point that more than 1.4 billion people use “sport” daily in their language.
We have already identified a lot of them, but the list below is in no way limitative:

Language Country Remarks
Afrikaans South Africa
Boarisch Germany Austro Bavarian
Bosanski Bosnia
Breton France
Croatian Croatia
Czech Czech Republic
Danish Denmark
Deitsch USA Pennsylviana German
Dutch Netherlands, Belgium
German Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg
English UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa
Estonian Estonia
French France, Belgium, Switzertland, Canada, Luxembourg
Frysk Netherlands
Furlan Italy
Hungarian Hungary
Italian Italy
Luxemburgish Luxembourg
Norwegian Norway Bokmål
Nedersaksisch Netherlands
Neapolitan Italy
Norman France
Polish Poland
Romanian Romania
Romansh Switzerland
Serbian Serbia latinic script
Sicilian Italy
Swedish Sweden
Turkmen Turkmenistan
Uzbek Uzbekistan
Võro Estonia
Zeelandic Netherlands

Other languages use derived forms of the word “sport”: spor, sporto, sporta, desporte, etc.

In other alphabets:

– Cyrillic (“Спорт”), used in several Slavic languages

(To be continued).