How you could use a .sport domain

18th January 2012  

Think global

With more than 1.4 billion people throughout the world,  using the word “sport” to mean just that, your brand will be globally visible and strongly identified with the sports community.

If you are in a media, how about “”, or “” to deliver sports-specific content ?
If you are a car manufacturer wishing to make your sporting activities  more visible, how a bout “”, rather than some lengthy URL on your company’s main web site ?

The possibilities are endless for companies for which sports represent a sizable part of their activities or advertisement budget.  Registering with .sport lends
credibility to these activities, protects your domain
name registered with other top level domains and gives your customers and search engines another entry point to your web site.

Act local

Obviously, what applies globally can also make sense at the local level. A national or regional  newspaper could a web site Te dedicated to sports news like “” . National sports federations  can also benefit  from a visible “.sport” domain.

DotSport is commited to the protection of your brand name. This is why we will have a so-called Sunrise period before the official launch, during which trademark owners will be able to register their brand safely.